PBR: Material Editor – Update 9

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There is only one month left to finish this project. The due date is May 8th and there is still some work to do. I would like to use this post to list the things that I would like to integrate, the things I have to integrate and the things…

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PBR: Material Editor – Update 8

At this point of the development I have to focus on the final implementation and in the details, I have left to finish. Most of the work is at least done; however, I still have some details to finish and, more importantly, I still have some parts to implement inside…

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PBR: Material Editor – Update 7

Structure Modifications & New Features The development of a game engine can be complex and enormous. New features require deep changes that can complicate the initial structure or even to change it for a new one (something that can be a really painful experience). Some things do not work as…

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PBR: Material Editor – Update 6

Unreal Engine 4: Physically Based Rendering Nowadays PBR is one of the most common topics in modern games, rendering engines and artists workflows. PBR is another shading technique based on energy conservation and physical properties. Classical shading techniques use the direction of the light and the position of the eye…

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PBR: Material Editor – Update 5

This fifth week I was supposed to be working on the initial implementation of PBR and IBL; however, this week I have been pretty busy with some work/university stuff, even so, I have been working on some other tasks I was needing to complete before the realistic material implementation. One…

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PBR: Material Editor – Update 4

Editor 2/26/2017

At this point of the development, the need of a test area to work with models and textures and play with some of their aspects has been growing. Furthermore, according to my schedule, I was supposed to be working on editor features; therefore, this week I have been designing the…

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PBR: Material Editor – Update 3

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Rendering This week I have been working in multiple areas I thought should be done before continuing developing the main aspects of the application. For this third week I was supposed to be working on the component system of the engine; however, I finished most of the components two weeks…

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PBR: Material Editor – Introduction

One of the most important modules in the Games Development Career in Teesside University (UK) is the Computing Project. Every year, students from the final year are asked to develop their own programming project alone. This is a good opportunity for us to investigate in those topics we care about…

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Mind Fighters: Update 4 – Animations

It is a complex task to achieve great results with animations and combat games require lots of different animations. Our characters are based on different physical disorders like schizophrenia or body dysmorphic disorder and we reflect them into characters. Each character has a personality associated with the disorder that represents but,…

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