Mind Fighters: Update 7 – Particles

Particles are another indispensable part in all video games. Particles are made to give feedback to players, improve visuals or to recreate effects (smoke, fluids, etc). Unity has a small particle editor to generate emitters and to integrate them in our games, it is simple to work with it but complex enough to generate multiple and complex effects. Here are some examples of particles I made for our game by petition of our artists:

Player jump fall

jump particles


Player running

run particles



Firefly particles


Meteor shower

Meteorites particles


Fire Halo (Score Screen)

Halo particles


Raincloud (Score Screen)

Rain particles


Fireworks (bg)

Fireworks particles


Bubbles (bg)

Bubble Particles


Bubble shield (player mechanic)

Player Shield


Player shield (player mechanic)

Player Shield


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