Mind Fighters: Update 4 – Animations

It is a complex task to achieve great results with animations and combat games require lots of different animations. Our characters are based on different physical disorders like schizophrenia or body dysmorphic disorder and we reflect them into characters. Each character has a personality associated with the disorder that represents but, from a cartoon perspective. The approximation we have taken is to define the same number of animations for each character (depending on the game mechanics and in the type of character) and to work sequentially in all of them at the same time in the same animation. Working that way we can start developing each character mechanics in the engine and testing them with the combat system.

We are having some troubles, our animation team was supposed to deliver all the basic animations three weeks ago and now they are still rigging… The solution I have taken is to work with a character with placeholder animations to define the code for each different character and when the animations arrive I will only have to replace the old model with new one and the placeholder animations with the finals.

mocap gif

We need to reduce the delay caused by the animation team and we have decided to start using motion capture in our project. Motion capture (Mocap) consists of generating animations from real actor movements. The technique records movements from actors or animals into digital models. Mocap is widely used in video games and the film industry. Next week we are using a friend of ours who practices martial arts to start working in our fighting animations.

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