Mind Fighters: Beginning

Super Smash Bros.

As part of the first semester in Teesside, we have to form a work group and develop a completely new game from scratch. My team is formed by 4 artists from my previous project (Fearless: A Brand New Tale), another programmer from ESAT, 3 designers and 2 animators from Teesside and me. The module doesn’t give us much time; however, we have decided to make something new and completely different to our previous work. With this idea in our minds, we have started working in a super smash bros fighter like game. We believe that choosing smash bros as main reference will allow us to finish our project with better results. If we had decided to make a street fighter like game, the workload would have been too big for the time we have.


Our first task was to establish our workflow and to communicate our team. We named leaders in each department and I was selected as team leader. With this done we set up our work tools. We use Trello for task management and work control and Slack for team communication. With all this set up we are ready to start developing. First, every team has to schedule its tasks, measure them in time and establish a logic calendar that matches every team calendar. Meanwhile, the programmers are working on the first prototype of the game to start testing our ideas…

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