PBR: Material Editor – Update 8

At this point of the development I have to focus on the final implementation and in the details, I have left to finish. Most of the work is at least done; however, I still have some details to finish and, more importantly, I still have some parts to implement inside…

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Mind Fighters: Update 6 – Post Process

Post processes are commonly used in video games, video editing and image processing. Post processes can create different effects on games, colour filters, homogenise colour effects, or even more complex effects like screen space ambient occlusion or anti-aliasing. Post processing is one of the last steps a graphical engine performs…

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Hello World!

Commodore Hello World

The intention of this blog is to share and recapitulate all the information that I learn through my way in programming. You can understand this site as a diary of my personal workout or like a series of post about random stuff in programming. At the time I write this…

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