I was born in Albacete, Spain. When I was a child my father used to play videogames, he loved all the classics (Mario, Zelda, Metroid, …) and he brought all of them to me. He bought all Nintendo consoles, he still loves Nintendo games, he allowed me to grow with a controller glued to my hands.nintendo-super-famicom-set-fl

I spent many years playing all types of video games and I was always curious about how video games are made but unfortunately, there are not many options for studying video games in Spain.

Although mathematics and physics were really interesting to me and as I could not study video games, I tried my luck and I moved to Ciudad Real to study civil engineering. That career was a good opportunity to deepen science. Also, I spent some of time there learning to program.



Soon I realized that I wanted to do games and by a twist of fate, I found a fantastic video games school in Spain. I left Ciudad Real and moved again to Valencia and there I learned all about how video games are made, from the real basics to the most modern techniques.

ESAT allowed me to gain a thorough knowledge in video games and also in teamwork. I developed there several games, from simple games like a command console Tetris to more complex projects like 3D games using modern game engines.



I am currently working with augmented reality, developing a game engine and games. To continue with my education, at this moment I am finishing a bachelor’s degree in Games Development (Computer Science) at Teesside University, UK.



To be continued…