PBR: Material Editor – Update 4

Editor 2/26/2017

At this point of the development, the need of a test area to work with models and textures and play with some of their aspects has been growing. Furthermore, according to my schedule, I was supposed to be working on editor features; therefore, this week I have been designing the…

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PBR: Material Editor – Update 3

FBX Review Logo

Rendering This week I have been working in multiple areas I thought should be done before continuing developing the main aspects of the application. For this third week I was supposed to be working on the component system of the engine; however, I finished most of the components two weeks…

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PBR: Material Editor – Update 1

My plan for this first week was to create the project and implement the multi-threading system. However, this week has been productive. I started the week creating the solution. I am using genie for this. GENie is a project generator tool that allows you to easily create projects for multiple platforms and…

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PBR: Material Editor – Introduction

One of the most important modules in the Games Development Career in Teesside University (UK) is the Computing Project. Every year, students from the final year are asked to develop their own programming project alone. This is a good opportunity for us to investigate in those topics we care about…

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